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Victory Stele of Naram-Sin is like any other art, it tells us a story. Naram-Sin conquered the people of the Iranian mountains and this artifact shows us a picture of him leading his men up the wooded mountain. His men follow him in an orderly fashion, which shows us his organization of his troops. He is much larger than his men which depicts his great power. He is also standing alone on two enemies and there are three stars shining on him like he is god-like. He also wears a horned helmet which is shown in a front view. It is as if he climbs his way to the heavens and his enemy falls before him in death or in mercy. His men are shown with great posture as they follow him. This Stele depicts him as a great warrior and a god.

The Palette of Narmer has much more pictures in it. It was named after the Horus Narmer whose title appears on both sides of the Palette and between two Hathor heads. Some would describe these heads as a cows head but I think they look more like bulls.

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The back side of the Palette is raised showing King Narmer ready to strike an enemy on the head that he holds with one hand. It appears as if he is wearing a skirt and a tail. He also wears a crown from Upper Egypt that is shaped like a bowling pin.

To the kings left is a sandal-bearer. The king is barefoot which could represent some kind of ritual. His victim is kneeling before him and pretty much naked with arms to his sides. Above the victim is a piece of land decorated with the head of a man, it almost looks like the victims head. A falcon is on top and could be the King’s protector.

Underneath the kings feet, at the bottom of the Palette, are two fallen enemies which are naked. One of their arms is raised and the other is behind their back and their legs are sprawled out to symbolize death. There are symbols to the left of their heads but the reading is unknown.

In the top scene of the Palette’s front is Narmer, much larger than the others. He wears the red crown of Lower Egypt. Once again he if followed by a sandal-bearer. In front of the king is a long haired person and next is four more people holding standards. To the far right are ten decapitated people with their heads between their legs. Above them is a ship with a harpoon and a falcon in it. These symbols often represent the region conquered.

In the middle scene, two men are tying together the stretched neck of some kind of animals. Between the animals necks it is a bit deeper than the Palettes surface. This may be where cosmetics were placed. The tying together of the necks may represent the tying together of Upper and Lower Egypt.

The scene at the bottom is a bull trampling over a fallen enemy and attacking the walls of a city or fortress with its horns. The bull is almost certainly a symbol of the kings strength as he destroys the walls of a city or fortress.

The two artifacts are very similar in representing victory and power. Both Kings are standing on a two fallen enemies and are also much larger than their men to symbolize their how very powerful they are. Naram-Sin wears a Hornet Helmet, which is faced forward. King Narmer wears a crown of Upper Egypt, shaped like a bowling pin, on one side of the Palette and on the other side he wears a the Red crown of Lower Egypt. Both of the Kings are faced to the side but torsos are forward and you can see one of their eyes. The Victory Stele of Naram-Sin shows his victory over the Lullubi people of the Iranian mountains. The Palette of King Narmer shows his victory by looking on to the ten decapitated bodies of most likely a region conquered. King Narmer performs ritual tasks on both sides of the Palette and Naram-Sin puts a spear through one of his enemies as a sacrifice to the Gods.

The things that I see are different are that Naram-Sin appears as a God. He is also shown as much more of a warrior. By leading his men up the mountain of people they have conquered. King Narmer is shown mostly of doing rituals. I say this because he is not shown in battle like Naram-Sin. King Narmer appears as if he has more power though. The bulls at the top and on both sides of the Palette may represent the bull-like vigor of the King. His control of Upper and Lower Egypt also show his power. The men in front him that holds the four standards may represent the regions that belong to his kingdom. The bull at the bottom definitely is a symbol of the Kings power. He is shown again and again as victorious over his enemies, like striking down on kneeling foe.

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